Mayfield Phoenix Players is an amateur dramatics group that provides the highest quality of theatre productions in the village of Mayfield, East Sussex. Drawing audience members from Kent and as far afield as London and Surrey, Mayfield Phoenix Players amateur dramatics has a good reputation across Sussex and beyond for providing a very enjoyable evening out.

The village of Mayfield in East Sussex has had a long-running love affair with the Arts. From the Christmas Pantomimes to the musical extravaganzas of St Leonards-Mayfield School, people love all forms of music and theatre and show it in their enthusiastic participation, both in the performing and the watching.

The Mayfield Phoenix Players rose from the ashes of an earlier Mayfield Theatre Group. The Mayfield Players had their own little theatre on Court Meadow and for over twenty years wowed the local population with comedy and tragedy. The costumes and props collected during that period were an amazing reflection of the life and times of the village as villagers saw their clothes and accessories recycled into everything from pirate outfits to fairy wings.

Unfortunately a fire in 2000 brought the Mayfield Players to an abrupt and tragic end. Luckily no-one was hurt but the theatre and all its costumes were damaged beyond repair. For two years the village was silent and it was thought that the people of Mayfield would have to rely on other village groups for their entertainment. In 2002 a small group of people – some being ex-Players – got together and decided that the show would go on! They formed the Phoenix Theatre Company which was injected with the enthusiasm and spirit of a new generation of Mayfield residents.

Since then there have been productions each Spring and Autumn – covering everything from tragedy to comedy – and all showcasing the amazing talent lurking in the homes of local residents.

We look forward to seeing you!